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2.7 million people to go hungry in Zimbabwe as drought causes crops to wither 




The Zimbabwean government has stated that about 2.7 million people will go hungry this year in the country as heavy drought causes crops to wither affecting agricultural output.

According to Reuters residents of Buhera, a village in Zimbabwe could be seen standing in groups waiting for their names to be called so they could receive life-saving handouts of grains, peas, and cooking oil.

Zimbabwe has struggled to feed itself since 2000 when former President Robert Mugabe disrupted agricultural production and output by seizing white-owned farms leaving many Zimbabweans dependent on food aid for survival.

The food crisis in Zimbabwe is heavily caused by a special type of drought known as the El Nino drought which has hit many southern African nations.

The government estimate for the number of people heavily affected by the drought is over 2.7 million and the real number could even be higher.

The government speaking to Reuters revealed that it is currently considering declaring a state of emergency in the nation.

Maize, Zimbabwe’s main staple harvest is expected to reduce by half to 1.1 million tonnes this year.

The WFP has helped over 270,000 people in four drought-prone districts between January and March but will need additional funds to feed more according to the WFP country director Christine Mendes.