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‘$5.6m Fraud:’ Businessman Akintoye Akindele Faces Charges for Allegedly Offering N150m Bribe to Police Officer



Kayode Egbetokun, the current Inspector-General of Police, has taken legal action against Akintoye Akindele, who serves as the chairman of Duport Midstream Company. The allegation revolves around an apparent attempt by Akindele to bribe a police officer with the sum of N150 million.

According to official records dated August 18, Akindele is now facing charges at the Federal Capital Territory High Court. This legal action stems from his alleged involvement in offering a bribe to a Superintendent of Police named Ibrahim Sini. The bribe was reportedly intended to influence the investigation into a $5 million fraud case connected to Akindele.

In this matter, Kayode Egbetokun is the plaintiff, while Akintoye Akindele is the sole defendant in the ongoing lawsuit. It is noteworthy that the police’s inquiry into the incident was initiated in response to a formal complaint lodged by Summit Oil International Limited with the Inspector-General of Police’s Force Intelligence Bureau.

People’s Gazette reports that Akindele’s ordeal began with a petition to the Nigeria Police Force that alleges he sold crude oil to Duport Midstream Company Limited, a firm he currently serves as interim managing director, and received payment for it.

He reportedly failed to account for the transaction when confronted and opposed all attempts by the board-appointed forensic auditor to look into anomalies in the company’s financial records.

To obstruct the ongoing investigation, flee abroad and ensure that the police provide a favourable report on his case, Mr Akindele, 49, allegedly offered a bribe to the officer in charge.

The police said his offence is punishable under section 118 of the penal Code Law.