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Abuja, Nigeria ranks 6th among capital cities with the worst air quality- Report



Abuja City Gate1

Abuja, Nigeria, has been identified as the sixth capital city with the poorest air quality and highest levels of PM 2.5 pollution, according to a recent report by IQAir, a Swiss air quality technology company renowned for its global air-sensor data collection.

The report, which highlights the most polluted and least polluted capital cities worldwide, identifies New Delhi, Dhaka, Ouagadougou, Dushanbe, and Baghdad as the top five cities with the worst air quality.

Conversely, capitals boasting the lowest concentrations of PM2.5 pollution include Wellington, Reykjavik, and Hamilton.

PM2.5 pollution, a common form of air pollution, has emerged as a significant health hazard, causing more fatalities than any other pollutant, as stated by Glory Dolphin Hammes, CEO of IQAir’s North American division.

Despite efforts by the World Health Organization to tighten pollution guidelines, PM2.5 pollution levels remain alarmingly high in many regions.

IQAir’s comprehensive analysis blends data from governmental sources and lower-cost sensors to provide valuable insights into air quality.