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Access Bank Fails to Explain How N2.19m Left Lagos Trader’s Account



Morufat Olaleye, a trader from Lagos State, recently shared her perplexing experience of how a sum of N2,189,251 inexplicably vanished from her Access Bank account.

Olaleye recounted that this unsettling incident occurred on August 2 when she happened to glance at her phone and noticed multiple debit notifications from Access Bank.

Olaleye’s Account Statement

At first, I was under the impression that the bank had made an error by sending me those notifications. However, upon closer examination of the alerts, I realized they actually contained my account name.

“In the end, I noticed that a total sum of N2,189,251 had been stolen from my account.”

Olaleye said she immediately visited an Access Bank branch on Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos, to have a restriction placed on her account.

“While at the branch, I was told that the stolen sum had been transferred by the fraudsters to a SportyBet account,” Olaleye told ThePressNG.

“The officials initially wanted to accuse me of exposing my bank details but I told them I was not the careless type. I made them understand that I have never at any time exposed my debit card and internet banking details to anyone before.

“After this, I demanded to know why the bank would fold its arms and allow fraudsters steal from my account, but the officials I spoke with couldn’t give me any convincing answer.”

Olaleye told ThePressNG that she further asked the Access Bank officials she spoke with whether they could help her recover the stolen money.

“Annoyingly, they said they could not,” said Olaleye.

“Why would Access Bank allow my money go just like that? First of all, they did nothing to ensure that the money in my account is kept safe. Now that my money has been stolen, they are also saying that they can’t help me recover it. Who does that? This is unfair. It means our monies are no longer safe with banks.

“As we speak, Access Bank has done nothing to help me retrieve my money. The worse part is that, a huge chunk of the money was a loan I recently secured from someone.”

ThePressNG sent an email to Access Bank’s customer care desk on Monday for comments on the matter but it had received no response at press time.