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After tribunal’s verdict, Natasha faces serious obstacle



Senator Abubakar Ohere is not in agreement with the recent ruling from the tribunal, which announced Natasha Akpoti as the victor in the Kogi Central senatorial election held on February 25th. Ohere, a member of the APC representing Kogi Central, has stated his intention to appeal this decision, which invalidated his election victory on Wednesday, September 6th.

Expressing his concerns, the APC senator is particularly troubled by the tribunal’s stance that, as a respondent in the case, he should have submitted a counter-petition in order to contest the votes presented in the election petition.

In his opinion, the decision is contrary to Paragraph 15 of the First Schedule to the Electoral Act, 2022.

Calling on his supporters to still have hope in the Court of Appeal where he intends to take his grievances, Ohere stated:

“As a matter of fact, I presented before the Tribunal through my team of lawyers, a decision of the Appellate Court which held that a respondent does not need to file a cross-petition to challenge votes in an election petition if the ground for challenging the election is majority of lawful votes.

“While I am waiting for my team of lawyers to give me full details on the judgment, I urge all my supporters to be calm and peaceful as their mandate is not lost.

“I know that I have the option of appeal which I shall exercise after due consultation with my lawyers.

“I am confident that we shall triumph at the next floor of justice by pointing to areas where we strongly disagree with the ruling. Your mandate shall be protected.”