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Allegations of Sexual Harassment Surface Against Maduka University Lecturers



Maduka University, a prestigious private institution in Enugu State, Nigeria, is currently embroiled in a serious controversy following allegations of widespread sexual harassment and abuse perpetrated by its lecturers. These accusations have severely tarnished the university’s reputation and raised significant concerns about the safety and welfare of its student body.

Former Physics Lecturer Accused of Extortion and Sexual Assault: Central to the scandal is Mr. Mayor, a former physics lecturer at the university. According to multiple sources, Mr. Mayor was terminated from his position less than a year into his tenure. Although the official reason for his dismissal remains undisclosed, students have come forward with disturbing claims that Mr. Mayor engaged in inappropriate relationships with students and extorted money from them in exchange for passing grades. These allegations suggest a gross abuse of power, with Mr. Mayor exploiting and manipulating students who were in a vulnerable position.

Married Lecturer Mr. Ejembi E. Also Implicated: The controversy does not end with Mr. Mayor. Another lecturer, Mr. Ejembi E., is also accused of inappropriate behavior with students. The gravity of these accusations is amplified by the fact that Mr. Ejembi E. is married, highlighting a blatant disregard for professional ethics and trust. Such behavior, if true, represents a severe breach of the ethical standards expected of educators.

School Registrar Chief John Omeje: Perhaps the most alarming allegations are directed at Chief John Omeje, the university registrar. He is accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with a female student and threatening her with severe repercussions should she speak out. Due to concerns for her safety, the student’s identity has not been disclosed. However, if these claims are substantiated, they indicate a profound and systemic issue within the university’s administration. Chief Omeje, a figure of significant authority, allegedly abused his power to exploit a student sexually.

The individuals who have brought these allegations to light assert that these incidents are not isolated. They claim that Chief Omeje has targeted multiple female students. The pervasive fear of retaliation has deterred many students from coming forward, suggesting an environment where students’ voices are suppressed and their well-being is not adequately prioritized.

Maduka University has an imperative responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of its students. The allegations against Mr. Mayor, Mr. Ejembi E., and Chief Omeje, if proven true, are not merely breaches of professional conduct but potentially criminal acts. An exhaustive and unbiased investigation is crucial to address these serious charges.

Sources close to the situation speculate that Chief Dr. Samuel Maduka Onyishi, the university’s owner, may not be fully cognizant of the gravity of these issues. It is imperative for the administration to conduct a transparent investigation and take decisive measures to address the allegations. This may involve collaborating with law enforcement agencies and instituting more stringent policies to prevent such incidents in the future.

The students of Maduka University are entitled to a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and free from harassment and intimidation. These allegations, if verified, underscore a systemic failure on the part of the university to protect its students. Immediate action is required to restore trust among the students, faculty, and the broader community.

In conclusion, Maduka University must address these serious allegations with urgency and transparency. The institution’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and ensuring a safe educational environment is paramount. The future of the university’s reputation and the well-being of its students depend on the swift and fair resolution of these issues.