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AMBCON Warns of ‘Unprecedented Increase’ in Bread Prices Due to Rising Cost of Baking Materials



On Tuesday, the Abuja chapter of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria (AMBCON) voiced its apprehensions regarding the escalating expenses of baking ingredients within Nigeria.

During a conversation with the Nigerian News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, several AMBCON members shared their anxieties concerning the surging prices of essential baking materials such as flour, sugar, yeast, and other relevant supplies across the nation.

Ms Peace Izeduwa, the manager of Nextar Bakery, who spoke with NAN, in Abuja disclosed that the rising cost of baking materials could cause many bakeries to close down.

According to Izeduwa, the recent 15 per cent increase in the price of bread prices had affected bakery businesses in the FCT.

Ms Izeduwa noted that fuel subsidy removal and the unification of the foreign exchange window were contributing factors that affected the increase in the cost of baking materials.

She disclosed that:

  •  “Before now, the price of Mix and Bake Flour was N29,500 but has increased to N33,750, while the same applies to other raw materials. 
  • ” It’s not easy for bakery owners to increase prices of products the way the manufacturers increase the price of raw materials”.

The manager of the Abuja-based Nextar Bakery, said bakers in the FCT are unhappy with the unprecedented increase in the prices with the recent less than a month ago when the price was increased by 15 per cent because of the rise in raw materials.

Izeduwa called on the government to intervene in the rising cost of baking materials to address the issue and safeguard the industry.

NAN reveals that AMBCON had on July 24, announced a 15 per cent increase in bread prices based on the resolution reached by the National Executive Council (NEC) of the association.

The leadership of AMBCON divulged that the resolution to increase bread prices was in line with the current economic realities of the country which negatively impacted bakers’ production costs.

The Chairman of FCT Master Bakers, Ishaq Abdulrahman encouraged bakers to be dogged and not give up. He admitted that “a lot of our members are already losing hope and confidence” and urged “the government to please look into the sector as it’s one of the biggest employers of labour”.