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Asari Dokubo fumes as Tinubu bars ex-militants from Aso Rock



Former militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has responded to reports suggesting that President Bola Tinubu has prohibited former Niger Delta militant leaders from making visits to him at the presidential villa in Abuja.

According to recent information, requests for formal visits by prominent militant leaders and ethnic militia members from the oil-rich Niger Delta region to Tinubu at the villa were turned down by the presidency last week.

This course of action was taken following a visit made by Alhaji Mujarhedeen Asari-Dokubo, the leader of the now-disbanded Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), on June 16.

The president was allegedly disturbed by the public utterances and actions of Asari Dokubo after visiting him in the presidential villa.

Reacting to the development, Dokubo, in a video shared online, asserted that his relationship with President Tinubu has transcended beyond politics.

The ex-militant recalled going the extra mile to support Tinubu during the election campaign, notwithstanding, it is been over 13 years since he last visited his home.

According to him, the ban on ex-militants means nothing to him because he had already barred himself from going to the presidential villa or Tinubu’s house a long time ago.

Asari Dokubo noted that the persuasion of some people led to his visit to Aso Rock a few months ago, and his uttermost desire is to see President Tinubu succeed in his administration.

He added that the recent visit to Tinubu at the Presidential Villa is not new, adding he had been visiting the seat of power for a long time.