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Assets Microfinance Bank empowers salary earners with affordable personal loan



In a big move to make life easier for Nigerians in the current economy, Assets Microfinance Bank has launched Assets Salary Plus Loans for all salary earners in Lagos, Nigeria.

The bank aims to make it simpler and cheaper for salary earners to sort out their needs and exigencies.

As the cost of living rises every day, most folks and businesses are struggling to keep up. They have needs they are unable to pay for at once and need support.

This is where Assets Microfinance Bank, known for its creative and innovative financial solutions to help the average individual achieve their dreams, comes in with a solution: affordable salary loans.

Now, someone earning a salary can get a loan from Assets Microfinance Bank at a highly competitive rate to help bridge the need gap.

This new service aims to give salary earners access to funds when they need it.

Mr. Obinwanne Mordi, the Deputy Managing Director of Assets Microfinance Bank, expressed his optimism for the product: “We know how tough the economy is right now to Nigerians, and we are thrilled to help salary earners get affordable loans. It is in line with our mission to provide accessible, reliable, and convenient financial services to individuals and businesses.”

Assets Microfinance Bank’s SalaryPlus loan rate is very competitive, with little to no paperwork, zero collateral, and a very flexible repayment method. This means individuals can fix their needs without feeling overwhelmed by rising costs.

In a time when money can be tight for many, Assets Microfinance Bank, is giving Lagosians a chance to make their dreams a reality without the usual money worries.

Want to know more about how to get an affordable salary loan and make your dream come true? Just visit  or call 07062928516 to get started today.

Assets Microfinance Bank is a leading microfinance institution in Lagos, Nigeria.

They are all about providing creative financial solutions and helping people and businesses reach their goals.