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Banking malware attacks rise by 8% in 2023 in Nigeria – Kaspersky 



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Kaspersky’s recent statement sheds light on the cyber threat landscape in Africa, noting Nigeria’s concerning trend of an 8% increase in banking malware attacks in 2023. 

Despite an overall 10% decrease in threats nationwide, the rise in attacks targeting online banking credentials and sensitive information is a significant cause for alarm. 

The statement read: 

Director of the META Research Centre Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) at Kaspersky, Amin Hasbini, attributes the evolving cybersecurity landscape to the proliferation of advanced technologies like AI, alongside escalating geopolitical and economic turbulence within the META region. 

These factors collectively contribute to the increasing sophistication and diversity of cyber threats, posing significant challenges for cybersecurity efforts. 

Hasbini said: