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Bayelsa gubernatorial election: LP candidate asks INEC to ensure fair play



Udengs Eradiri, the Bayelsa State gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party (LP), urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure a fair and equitable environment for the upcoming November 11 elections.

Speaking after a meeting with the State Traditional Rulers Council at their Yenagoa secretariat, Udengs, accompanied by his running mate Commodore Benjamin Nathus (retd.), State LP chairman Eneyi Zidougha, and campaign director Ebipuado Sapere-Obi, emphasized the importance of a balanced electoral playing field.

During the meeting, Udengs introduced his “People, Education, Agriculture, and Power” (PEAP) plan aimed at fostering Bayelsa’s development. Seeking the blessings of the traditional rulers for the upcoming governorship election, he elaborated on their PEAP agenda and engaged in a constructive dialogue with the monarchs.

Udengs stated, “We have outlined our PEAP agenda to the traditional rulers, elucidating its key points and addressing their inquiries. Our request is for an impartial arena where all candidates can compete fairly.”

“Just as we use this opportunity to call on INEC to ensure a level playing ground because a particular candidate in the election is boasting that they have bought over INEC, they have changed INEC officials; they are going to write results no matter what happens. But they will not write the results. They cannot, and it is a call to INEC. Why should INEC allow itself to be reduced to the table of buying and selling? They are boasting on the road.

“One other group is saying they are going to spend N30billion. They are gathering Bayelsa State money. Our roads, schools, the employment of our children are what they are gathering to contest election against me. I’m not afraid because it is my money, they did not go and carry blocks anywhere to gather money to contest this election.

“One other party has been involved in killings. Why should you have to shed the blood of Bayelsans because you want to lead them? What is there in Government House? A place where they have borrowed money and messed up the entire state, is where people are killing other people’s children, shedding the blood of old women and young people because you want to be a leader.”

Udengs said he is an open book that the Bayelea people can assess, stressing that “I’m presenting myself because I cannot allow my generation to pass without waking up to challenge this incompetence in leadership. My hands are clean, I’m not afraid of anybody.”