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Beauty Therapist Cries For Help As Justice Zaynab Bashir Vows To Punish Her Over Failed Liposuction



Pamela Onyeagusi, a single mother and beauty therapist based in Abuja, finds herself in a legal battle with Justice Zaynab Bashir, a well-known jurist. The dispute centers around a series of liposuction surgeries that did not yield the expected results.

Justice Bashir had opted for multiple cosmetic procedures, including back liposuction to remove excess fat from her back, gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss, a tummy tuck to eliminate surplus belly skin, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) to enhance her buttocks, abdominal liposuction for a flatter tummy, and a thigh lift to address sagging skin resulting from weight loss.

The legal clash between these two individuals highlights the challenges and complexities that can arise in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Ms Onyeagusi who spoke with said that her life and that of her three children are in danger as the Judge has vowed to send her to prison for the failed treatment which she insists was as a result of Justice Zaynab’s refusal to keep to after surgery precautions.
Now living in fears, the therapists said that Justice Zaynab Bashir has sworn to have her killed or rendered useless by sending her to prison, not because she committed a crime, nor because she attempted to commit a crime but because she wants to abuse her authority as a Judge over a disagreement arising out of a contractual transaction.

Explaining further, she said, “Nigeria is a country where people with name and influence constantly leverage their name and influence to intimidate and destroy the lives of people they believe cannot speak for themselves and Justice Zaynab is not an exception to these class of power obsessed individuals.

“My name is Pamela Onyeagusi and, I am a skin care therapist and a PMU/SPMU makeup artist, a single mom of 3 children, who strives daily and solely to cater for my children without any support. My oldest child is aged 6 years old and the younger ones are infant twins.

“For the past couple of years I have been striving to survive with my family through the hardship of Nigeria’s economy while minding my business until sometime last year 2022, when Justice Zaynab came to my place, precisely on the 7th of May 2022 for me to do some cosmetic work on her, however I refused to work on her that day. She left and came back the next day being the 8th of May 2022, inquiring about any other cosmetic work I can do on her. I suggested doing facials for her since her face presented with black heads, and she accepted the suggestion. While doing her facials, she informed me she was famished and pleaded for me to have one of staff fry egg for her as I was working from my home. As my present customer I consented to her requested and the egg was prepared for her.

I asked her why only one egg and if it will be enough to satisfy her? She answered that it will, as she did a weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve surgery) she is certain that one egg is enough for her. My curiosity got the best of me and at that point she told me about her doctor in America, and I told her about my client who did the same surgery and I assisted her with her surgery scars. I then told her I wanted to do the surgery too but I became apprehensive when Justice Zaynab rolled out the list of prohibitions I will have to adhere to after the surgery. She encouraged me not to be afraid and I confided in her about my intention to reduce my butt and she committed to introduce me to her Doctor in America and also told me his name. She further began to list all the surgeries she had done which includes:

1) Back Liposuction (to remove fat from her back)
2) Gastric sleeve (weight loss surgery) which she said she really lost weight
3) Tummy tuck (removal of the excess skin in her belly)
4) BBL (making her Bombom bigger)
She expressed her intention to do the follwing next:
5) lipo of the tummy (to make her tummy flatter )
6) thigh lift ( to remove the extra skin from her thigh because of weight lost and sagging )

At the end of her session she was happy with my service and I was happy with her as a client and it was at this point that she asked if I can remove the growth (skin tags) in between her thighs? I refused because of how painful the procedure will be, which I clearly communicated to her. However, she insisted, I reiterated how painful it will be to her especially on her thighs. She said if she can bear Lipo pain she can bear any type of pain. And it was at that point I accepted her request.

After working on her, she was satisfied and paid me my money. After the procedure, she traveled the next day, which I strongly advised against, as she needed time for her skin to recover from the procedure. But she insisted she needed to go and work, then the treatment ended up turning into a wound because she didn’t keep to my instruction, and since then, she has been making my life a living hell me, with all sorts of threat to my life and harassment.

First, she requested for refund of the money she paid for the procedure, which I paid back to her all her money. I didn’t hear from her again till September 2022, when I called to check up on her, she became very angry as to why I called her and promised to visit me.
She came few days later and threatened to send someone to kill me, or make sure she sends me to prison or send DSS to pick me up and deal with me, she bragged about her contact with the Director of DSS and that both the DSS and Police are at her disposal.

Subsequently, she sent a letter to me demanding for compensation, I reached out to some Judges and SAN’s to plead on my behalf but she blatantly refused all their plea. She claimed that I damaged her thighs and that her doctor is charging her 10,000 dollars to fix her thighs excluding her hotel accommodation, and her flight ticket.

She swore to close down my business, and on the advice of one of the Judges pleading on my behalf, I responded to her letter. My response only served to infuriate her as the woman who introduced her to me called and was threatening me, she also came by herself to my place with armed police men two times to follow up with her threat, luckily I wasn’t around both times when she came and at that point I was scared and had to run to the press to protect myself, business and family.

She further took the matter up with the Consumer Protection Council who invited us for a discussion. She sent 15 lawyers and two SANs to represent her as she didn’t personally honour the invitation.

Her team of lawyers and SANs grilled me for endless hours but I maintained my position on the matter. The consumer protection people said I will hear from them afterwards.

In February 2023, two days to election, the Consumer Protection Council in the company of armed policemen and lawyers sent by Zaynab visited my Abuja residence in my absence once again, threw everyone in my home outside including my six year old child and my infant children and sealed my home leaving my children exposed outside. Since this incident my six year old child has been traumatized to the point that it is negatively impacting her mental health. Presently she is seeing a Doctor for her condition.

They have further charged me to court for misrepresenting myself as a medical personnel which I did not do at any point in time. She said she is well connected, that they run the courts and will make sure they jail me.

At moment and for the safety of my children, I have sought for asylum and have run to the only place where the whole world can hear my ordeal at the hands of Justice Zaynab and where the world can know that if anything happens to me Justice Zaynab is solely responsible and should be made to answer for it.

Going to court (same high court she is bragging with) is not an option for me, getting a lawyer is also not free especially against 15 lawyers and two SAN’s. I am barely able to feed my children with the little I make and she wants to take that away so that my children can starve.

The Nigerian police have now resorted to arresting anyone that is remotely connected to me and harassing them, while the court is granting all of her requests made through her lawyers and SANs.

Presently they are working with the court to execute a Bench warrant against me while blocking my account and declaring me wanted for a criminal offence and to publish it on all media.

Justice Zaynab is destroying my life and she does not care if I or my children die in the process as long as she is satisfied.
She took away my source of feeding, sent me out of the country, and is about to declare me wanted, I am ready to die because if I cannot feed my children then there is nothing I am living for.

My children do not deserve to grow up without a mother simply because I was trying to put food on their table. If Justice Zaynab Bashir had heeded my warning not to travel after the procedure she would not have sustained any injuries and her skin would have healed perfectly. I see no reason why she would stick to her American Doctor’s prohibitions after surgery for her safety but will disregard mine and then go ahead to turn around to make my life miserable because of her own failings.

If the courts will not judge this fairly I hope the rest of the world will. But before that I want the world to know who this JUSTICE ZAYNAB BASHIR is and how she is abusing her power.