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Blackout: Ikeja electric blames load restrictions of transmission centers for power outage 



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Ikeja Electric Distribution Company (IE) has attributed the ongoing power outage in some parts of Lagos to load restrictions of its various transmission centers.  

In a circular signed by the management of the company, IE confirmed that this has led to the current service difficulties that its various customers in the State are dealing with. 

Load restrictions at transmission centers typically refer to limitations placed on the amount of electrical power that can be transferred through the transmission network.  

These restrictions can be due to several factors such as maintenance work, system upgrades, or to prevent overloading which could lead to equipment failure or power outages.  

Moreover, the company also mentioned that it is working in collaboration with other key stakeholders to guarantee a resumption of normal service operations.  

Recently, the national grid experienced another collapse, resulting in a widespread power outage across the country, with some regions facing sporadic electricity availability.