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Cybersecurity and Digital Marketing in Nigeria: Building Trust and Transparency in the online space



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With every good innovation, comes a prevalent challenge lurking in the shadows. The online space is not exempted. The increased internet penetration and smartphone use have businesses flocking online to connect with a growing audience, utilizing every digital marketing effort in the books. With internet penetration reaching 55.4% at the start of 2023 in Nigeria (Data Reportal, 2023), a massive opportunity presents itself for digital marketing, but it also creates significant challenges around cybersecurity and user trust.

A 2023 survey reveals that 47% of people globally express worry about online privacy (PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 2023). Another report revealed that 62% of Nigerian online shoppers have abandoned transactions due to security concerns [Jumia, 2022]. These statistics are linked to the many challenges of neglecting cybersecurity in digital marketing, some of which are listed below.

Digital marketing and trust cannot be separated. The very idea of digital marketing thrives on trust. Consumers entrust their data to businesses with the hopes of personalized experiences, and great content. Failure to nurture that trust and practice transparency could lead to some of the following:

Today’s cybersecurity threats in the evolving online landscape create a paradigm shift, which necessitates the integration of cybersecurity and digital marketing. A recent report by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) revealed a worrying 15% surge in data breaches in 2022 (NCC, 2023). These incidents damage consumer trust and leave them vulnerable to financial losses and identity theft.

For long-term digital marketing success, cybersecurity cannot be ignored. Effective cybersecurity measures are more than just a technical necessity; they’re an investment in building trust with your customers. When you prioritize data security, you foster loyalty, protect your brand image, and create a foundation for successful marketing campaigns.

Written by: Khadijat Durosinmi