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Deeper Life pastor quits after leader Kumuyi reportedly backs Tinubu’s government



A pastor from Deeper Life Bible Church in Anambra, Ogueze Venitius Chinyerugo, has made the difficult decision to step down from his pastoral role. This decision came in response to the public support expressed by the church’s general superintendent, William Kumuyi, for the administration led by President Bola Tinubu.

In a resignation letter dated August 28th, Pastor Chinyerugo explained that his choice was motivated by a viral video in which Kumuyi openly endorsed the current government. Chinyerugo strongly believes that this particular administration has brought about significant hardship and suffering for the people of Nigeria.

Within his heartfelt letter, the pastor asserted that Kumuyi’s endorsement of Tinubu’s government was a grave error in judgment. He felt that resigning from his pastoral responsibilities was the most effective way to express his disagreement and disappointment with this stance. Part of his letter expressed:

“In light of recent events, I find it necessary to tender my resignation from my pastoral role at this time. I believe that our church’s support for the current government, as evidenced by your public endorsement, is a grave mistake. The suffering and difficulties that many Nigerians have endured under this administration cannot be ignored. With all due respect, I believe that my resignation is the best way for me to convey my heartfelt disagreement with this stance.”

“My decision was taken after watching the video, which I forwarded to you, where he advised Nigerians to support the government and the ministers, because, according to him, they will perform, especially going by their antecedents.

“Honestly, I was devastated and felt terrible, humiliated and disappointed after watching the clip. For the records, I became born-again on April 10, 1984, as an undergraduate under the Christian Union, and later in that year I joined Deeper Life, after months of searching for a church that reflects the Bible. Why not? I could not have left the world only to fool myself and surrender myself again to be deceived. I have not been disappointed since I joined the church.

“God has so graciously used the pastor to mould my Christian life and, of course, the life of many others. He has also, by words and conduct, taught us to mind the kingdom business and to refrain from dabbling into political matters. He had exemplified this teaching for several decades by steering clear of political controversies, until lately.

“Most debilitating was his visit in 2019 to the President of Nigeria then, Muhammadu Buhari, at a time when Nigerians, Christians, pagans, Muslims and atheists, were wishing and praying for him to exit. While Nigerians with their short memories are trying to forget that visit blunder to such an insensitive leader, a tribal and religious bigot, our pastor has committed another terrible blunder.

“He has recommended this present administration, in which every detail about the administration is antithetical to the pastors’s preaching. And this is while the presidency is still subject to national and international judicial contests. As a mathematician, I wonder what mathematical principle he used to arrive at that conclusion because my elementary arithmetic taught me that zero multiplied by one trillion amounts to zero. So, on what moral principle would this administration fight corruption? On the past performances and quality of the ministers, I wonder if our pastor knows about Isa Bagudu and many of the former governors.

“Sir, if I do not remove the speck in my very own eyes, then I will be one of the hordes of hypocrites marauding everywhere in Nigeria. I am one of those who vehemently criticise members of Catholic, Anglican and some other Pentecostal churches for not drawing the attention of their own leaders when they go wrong, hence my decision to resign. I am particularly let down by the demeaning comments in the social media space, and, unlike usual, I am silenced to defend him because the comments are correct! He has given the enemies of the Lord the opportunity they are looking for to talk down on him and, by extension, the church.

“All through the election campaigns, he maintained a glorious and dignified silence, and we members of the church earned respect for that. I wonder about the need for this comment at this point in time.

“I wish this message reaches him, but considering that the office bureaucracy will likely make it impossible for it to get to him, I may have to pass it to him through social media in the next one or two weeks, unless he speaks to Nigerians.

“Thanks a lot for indulging my several irritations. I pray for heaven at last for all of us.

“Supporting our leaders presupposes that such leaders meet up with 2 Samuel 23:3, that is, ‘They that want to rule among men must be righteous and fearing God,’ which obviously means that they should not rig, kill and corner power by force, they should have a popular mandate to rule. Any other prayer reserved for such leaders without the above qualifications is that God should give us the courage to stand up against them like the people of Sri Lanka. Since an Ethiopian cannot change his colour, praying for such people to change and, maybe, become born-again at this point in time is unrealistic.

“However, since faith without works is dead, when we have done all that we are supposed to do and there’s nothing else left, then we should resort to prayer, since, with God, nothing shall be impossible.”