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Edo Governor Obaseki says “Emilokan” will not win elections



Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State emphasized that the ‘Emilokan’ slogan is not a viable approach for achieving electoral victory and effective governance in his state. He made this assertion during a meeting with leaders from the Edo South senatorial district at the Government House.

Obaseki emphasized that the people of Edo have a distinct expectation from their government, and the ‘Emilokan’ slogan does not align with their values and aspirations. He firmly stated that the ultimate decision-making power rests with the Edo citizens, and their preferences will shape the course of governance.

He described what was happening between him and his deputy as unfortunate, sad and avoidable.

“What has happened in the last few months is strange and even if you have ambition, this is not the time to express it. The time table for the election is not out. You can’t be part of a government and also be the one to destabilise the same government,” the governor said.

“I thought we came together and will leave together and let the people say you have done a great job and they will now make the decision themselves. They are the ones to say that come rain or sunshine, we must continue.

“You are telling the world one thing and yet doing another. You are loyal to your principal and yet you are in Court with your principal. Everybody has the right to be ambitious but do it the right way.”

He added “When we came in, I said let’s build institutions, not individuals. The Constitution provides for a Deputy Governor and what I can’t do, I call on my Deputy Governor to do it for me. That is not a crime. The Constitution doesn’t provide for co-governor but Deputy Governor.

“Elevating a Deputy Governor and making him visible is not a crime. But this I did because I want to build institutions rather than individuals or persons. To mistake that and misuse it is really unfortunate as you have created the impression that the Deputy Governor should not be given responsibility.”

On the charge that he gave the deputy governor too much responsibility, Obaseki said: “People are already blaming me now for giving him responsibility and visibility and it’s my fault. How can it be my fault when you want to groom young people? I believe when young people work with you, give them opportunities and expose them, preparing them for leadership positions in life, praying they don’t abuse the privilege.

“I have no regret for exposing my deputy to power and leadership position. I have not made any mistakes but he is the one that made the mistake. I hope he retraces his steps. He is the one that took me to Court; he should be the one to talk to, not me. We are determined and focused to finish well and with your support, we are sure to finish well.

“We are not starting any new projects but finishing the ones already started and making sure all we started we finish and design a plan for those coming in, as no government can finish the work.”

Noting that Edo people cannot afford to make mistakes, he said: “We can’t make any mistake again as our people have suffered in the past. We will not allow them to suffer again. That is why we are doing our best in the State to change the narrative.”