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Eedris Abdulkareem criticizes Wole Soyinka’s silence on Tinubu, calls out young musicians



Controversial Nigerian singer Eedris Abdulkareem has taken aim at Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, alleging that Soyinka’s silence on President Bola Tinubu’s administration stems from their personal relationship.

Speaking to SRTV, Abdulkareem expressed disappointment in Soyinka’s subdued stance, noting that while Soyinka has been vocal in critiquing past administrations, he has chosen to remain quiet under the current leadership.

“He (Wole Soyinka) has been very quiet lately. I know he has a good relationship with Tinubu so we know why,” Abdulkareem remarked.

Abdulkareem’s comments come after Soyinka had previously stated it was premature to assess Tinubu’s presidency, promising a review after a year in office.

Despite Tinubu’s administration now nearing its one-year mark, Soyinka has yet to offer his evaluation.

Abdulkareem, known for his socially conscious music, also criticized the younger generation of Nigerian musicians for prioritizing personal gain over societal issues. He urged them to use their platform to address pressing matters rather than focusing solely on frivolous topics.

“The younger generation of musicians are not ready,” Abdulkareem emphasized.

“They are just there to capitalize on what we worked for and make money for themselves. They are very selfish people.”

He further cautioned them against neglecting societal issues, highlighting the potential consequences of the crisis in the country.

“Use your music to talk about ills in society as much as you are using your music to promote frivolities,” he urged.

Abdulkareem’s remarks underscore ongoing debates within Nigeria’s cultural and political spheres regarding the responsibilities of public figures, including artists and intellectuals, in addressing national challenges.

The singer’s call for greater social engagement in music comes amid growing concerns over governance and social inequalities in Nigeria.