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Electricity DisCos billed customers N134.5 billion in December 2023 – Report




The 11 electricity distribution companies across the country billed their customers a total of N134.53 billion for December 2023 according to the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) fact sheet on the commercial performance of DisCos for the month.

Despite this billing, the Discos managed to collect only N98.36 billion, translating to a collection efficiency of 73.12% for the specified month.

Analysing individual Disco performance, Ikeja Disco demonstrated the highest collection efficiency at 94.08%, successfully gathering N20.00 billion of the N21.26 billion billed to its customers. Close behind was Eko DisCos, with collections amounting to N17.13 billion from a billing total of N20.39 billion for the month.

From an analytical perspective, Jos and Yola Discos reported the month’s lowest collection efficiencies, standing at 45.69% and 46.03%, respectively. Specifically, Jos DisCos managed to secure N3.71 billion of the N8.12 billion billed to its consumers. Similarly, Yola Disco’s collections amounted to N2.16 billion out of a total billing of N4.71 billion.

In the analysis of energy volumes for the month, the 11 Discos collectively received 2,726.89 GWh of electricity and managed to distribute 2,166.93 GWh, resulting in a distribution efficiency of 79.47%.

Leading the pack, Ikeja Disco received 404.84 GWh and succeeded in distributing 305.10 GWh, achieving a notable distribution efficiency of 86.73%. Following closely, Eko Disco received 348 GWh and distributed 313.0 GWh.

Ibadan Disco experienced a significant improvement, registering a 9.55% increase in its distribution efficiency compared to the previous month, distributing 275.64 GWh out of the 311.75 GWh received. On the other end of the spectrum, Kaduna Disco lagged, distributing only 47.70% of the 171.90 GWh it received, marking the lowest efficiency in energy distribution.

In the context of tariffs, analysis reveals that Ikeja Disco invoiced its customers at 87.37% of the NERC-approved rate of N56.57 per KWh, making it the highest relative to the regulatory benchmark. Eko Disco followed, charging N49.25 per KWh against the sanctioned N59.49 per KWh, translating to a tariff billing efficiency of 82.79%.

Conversely, Kaduna Disco’s billing stood at N19.80 per KWh, significantly below the approved N57.45 per KWh for the period. Notably, Jos, Kano, and Yola Discos reported tariff billing rates below 50%, highlighting a considerable variance from NERC’s approved rates for the month.