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Enugu Govt. to revive N4.5bn Akwuke water project 



The Enugu State government has announced its intention to revive the abandoned Akwuke water project, which had an initial budget of N4.5 billion.

This project, located in the Enugu South Local Government Area, is set to be revitalized, according to Felix Nnamani, the commissioner for water resources.   

The News Agency of Nigeria reported that Nnamani made this declaration during a meeting with the State House of Assembly’s water resources committee, chaired by Obiajulu Ugwu, and the Ministry of Water Resources in Enugu on Thursday.  

Nnamani explained that the project, which was initially managed by the Anambra-Imo River Commission, will when completed, provide a sufficient water supply for the residents of the Enugu metropolis.   

He disclosed that significant efforts are currently underway to ensure the Adada water scheme operates at full capacity, which will address the water needs of thousands of residents in Nsukka.  


In the short term, Nnamani added that the state government is procuring high-quality pumps and other necessary equipment to revive the Oji River and Ninth Mile water schemes.   

He highlighted that the Ninth Mile water scheme is currently supplying 60,000 cubic meters of water daily, demonstrating Governor Peter Mbah’s commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises.  

Nnamani also expressed regret that most taps in the state’s 473 communities are no longer functional, assuring that these faulty taps will be repaired and restored to working order soon.  


Eteta Eta, the program monitoring evaluation officer of WaterAid Nigeria, urged the government to focus more on sustaining and maintaining existing water schemes.

He attributed the poor water supply in some communities in the state to a lack of maintenance and protection of water installations.   

Eta encouraged the benefiting communities to cultivate a culture of protecting water installations in their areas to ensure efficient and consistent water supply.