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EU delegation invites Nigerian graduates interested in global affairs for six-month traineeship 



The EU delegation in Nigeria is offering recent graduates a six-month traineeship program to delve into the world of diplomatic missions.

The aim is to enable recent graduates from Nigerian universities with a strong interest in international relations to have an exciting opportunity to bridge cultures, tackle global challenges, and make a real difference on the world stage.

ThePressNG learnt that the program will provide firsthand insights into how the European Union Delegation functions in Nigeria.

Firstly, participants will learn about the role of a diplomatic mission, uncovering the inner workings and how it represents the interests and values of the EU in Nigeria. Furthermore, they will explore the specific activities and priorities of the EU Delegation, seeing how the EU fosters cooperation, promotes shared values and addresses critical issues facing both Nigeria and the broader international community.

Additionally, participants will gain valuable knowledge about the complex dynamics of international relations, including diplomacy, negotiation, and global governance.

The program will offer a traineeship of up to six months within the Regional Cooperation & Trade Sections of the EU Delegation to Nigeria, starting in mid-June 2024.

Trainees split their time between the Regional Cooperation Section (OPS4) and the Trade & Economics Section (T&E).

Trainees in the Regional Cooperation section will learn how to manage regional programs and the relationship with ECOWAS, spanning sectors such as peace & security, transport, energy, trade, maritime security, blue economy, and agriculture. The geographical scope includes the broader West Africa region, all ECOWAS member states, and the Gulf of Guinea.

Similarly, trainees in the Trade & Economics section will learn how to be responsible for monitoring relations with Nigeria in trade and economic sectors, including analysis and reporting on developments within Nigeria and occasionally in the West African region.

The main tasks involved for trainees include:


The program seeks bright and curious graduates with a strong academic background in international relations, political science, or a related field.

The candidate must therefore meet the following requirements:


Candidates apply by sending a detailed Europass CV, a cover letter, and fill an application form and send to [email protected] with the subject “Funded Traineeship – OPS4-T&E.” The deadline for submitting applications is the 24th of May, 2024.

Each selected trainee will receive a monthly grant to cover living expenses, travel, visa, insurance, and accommodation costs borne by the trainee. Applications from non-eligible candidates will not be considered, and shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.

This program will provide recent graduates with an invaluable opportunity to gain experience in the exciting world of diplomacy and make a significant impact on global affairs.