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FG pledges 5 billion cubic feet of gas supply to domestic and export markets  



The Federal Government has pledged 5 billion cubic feet of gas per day to domestic and export markets.

The country’s Minister of Petroleum Resources (Gas) Ekperikpe Ekpo, made the pledge during his address at the just concluded West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Authority Committee of Ministers (COM) meeting in Cotonou, Benin Republic. 

While speaking, Ekpo said that member countries like Benin, Togo, and Ghana will keep getting consistent gas supply from Nigeria to meet their domestic energy needs.

Ekpo made this pledge while talking about the Decade of Gas Initiative, which he said aims to develop and commercialize over 5 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) of gas for both domestic usage and export markets. 

He also mentioned the Nigerian Gas Expansion Program (NGEP) as well as the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) initiative which will take Nigeria from an oil-based economy to a gas-based economy. 

He said: 

To ensure a consistent and reliable supply of gas to the WAGP through N-Gas Limited, Ekpo reaffirmed the commitment to commercializing Eastern gas resources.

He pledged support for N-Gas Limited and other participants along the value chain, particularly the Nigerian Gas Infrastructure Company (NGIC), to address challenges within the Escravos Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS).  

Ekpo also highlighted ongoing projects by NGIC aimed at resolving ELPS pressure issues.

These projects include linking gas resources from the eastern region with demand regions in the western and northern parts of Nigeria, as well as installing midline compressors to comprehensively tackle pressure challenges in the system. 

He emphasized the Nigerian government’s commitment to fostering unity within the West African sub-region and ensuring energy stability through the West African gas pipeline system.

Ekpo highlighted Nigeria’s current focus on gas as a primary fuel source, emphasizing ongoing initiatives aimed at maximizing the country’s vast natural gas resources.   

Additionally, he underscored the significance of initiatives like the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) program and the Nigerian Gas Expansion Programme (NGEP), designed to promote the transition from liquid fuels to gas for automobiles and other sectors. 

Ekpo recently convened a meeting involving NNPCL, NMDPRA, and Chevron to tackle the soaring prices of cooking gas.

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, he stressed the urgency of finding solutions to alleviate the cost pressures and prevent hardship for Nigerians.

He emphasized that President Tinubu would appreciate Chevron’s efforts to boost local LPG production during the festive season to enhance supply.