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Fire explosion razed down 18 shops at Iju Ishaga, no casualties recorded 



A fire explosion at Agbado Road, Toyin Bus stop, Iju Ishaga has left 18 shops completely destroyed, fortunately without any reported casualties of death or injuries.  

The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service effectively controlled the fire explosion, mitigating its spread and safeguarding the environment and nearby properties, including a Kerosene Petroleum Filling Station.  

According to a statement signed by Margaret Adeseye, the Director of the Service, the incident occurred shortly after 10 pm on Tuesday, as reported on their X (formerly Twitter) handle.  

The statement from the fire service attributes the emergency to the off-loading of six 75-50(kg) gas cylinders from a stationary mini truck to a gas shop. An accidental explosion, caused by a compromised head cap of one cylinder, ignited the fire. 

Subsequently, the fire spread across the street, affecting a total of 18 shops, including their contents, and the mini truck. The spread to the other end of the street was facilitated by a cylinder that travelled over.