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First-time voters attempt to blackmail presidential tribunal, says Falana



Femi Falana, a human rights lawyer and activist, recently expressed his perspective on the matter of attempting to influence the judiciary for political gain. During his appearance on a Channels TV program on Monday, he referred to those trying to manipulate the legal system in favor of their political candidates as “inexperienced voters.”

  • According to Falana, this is the first time the judiciary will be witnessing “such level of intimidation and cheap blackmail”. He questioned why the judiciary is being pressured with what he referred to as “cheap blackmail” when anyone can still appeal to the Supreme Court if they don’t agree with the tribunal’s decision on Wednesday.

Speaking further, the human rights lawyer said the judges will deliver judgement based on the evidence presented before the court, and not some random intimidation from social media influencers.

His words,

  • ‘We have been having election petitions since the colonial era, but none has attracted such level of blackmail and intimidation of the judiciary,
  • “I am worried that people give the impression that everything ends with the judgment of the court of appeal.
  • “Any party that loses on Wednesday still has the opportunity to appeal to the Supreme Court. So, what is the basis for the cheap blackmail that is going on?
  • “Some of the people involved are voting for the first time and they believe rightly or wrongly that their candidate must be declared the winner and I think that is what is going on”.

What You Should Know

On Monday, the tribunal set September 6 (tomorrow) as the date when they will announce their decision on the petitions that question whether Tinubu truly won the election on February 25.