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Fuse Network launches $10M grant for web 3 payment system businesses



Fuse Network has announced the launch of its $10 million grant designed to empower business enterprises by offering crucial funding and infrastructure to facilitate seamless entry into Web3 payment systems.

According to the organisation, the initiative aims to “empower businesses worldwide, simplifying the complexities associated with Web3 payment infrastructure development.”

It also aims to foster innovation by eliminating barriers to accessing Web 3 payment solution infrastructure drive the evolution of Web3 technology and meet global business needs.

Eligible applicants for the grant should be businesses involved in any of the following;

The CEO and Co-Founder at Fuse, Mark Smargon, said of the program “Our grant program is a testament to our dedication to providing essential resources for businesses to flourish in the Web3 landscape.”

Also speaking on the initiative, the Chief Operating Officer of Fuse Networks said,

Interested applicants should check here for further details and how to apply. Successful applicants can expect a final decision within two weeks after submission.