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Garba Shehu hits back at Adoke over Buhari comments



Garba Shehu, who previously served as the spokesperson for former President Muhammadu Buhari, has strongly criticized former Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke, for his recent remarks about the previous President, Muhammadu Buhari.

During a Saturday interview, Adoke implied that while he was a minister in the Buhari administration, he faced allegations of corruption, even though he considered Buhari to be the “least capable President that this country has ever experienced and will never experience again.”

In the course of the interview, Adoke also highlighted that he encountered obstacles in pursuing corruption cases stemming from the government, suggesting that certain influential figures hindered his ability to perform his duties.

Adoke expressed his sentiments by stating, “I have personally been targeted with corruption allegations by the former government, which I consider to be the most inept government in the history of this country, led by the most incapable President we’ve ever had and will likely never have again. It was governed by a group of politically inexperienced individuals.”

But while reacting to the comments in a statement on Monday, Shehu lambasted Adoke and said the former Minister lacked the moral authority to accuse Buhari of corruption as the former President fought corruption in the country to a standstill.

“Former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Mohammed Adokie has been enjoying a spotlight, masquerading as an anti-corruption character in a skit for which he is ill-suited,” Shehu said in the statement.

“He (Adoke) neither has the track record nor the moral standing to accuse anyone of corruption, not least the former President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The fact that this character is a free man, walking away from the industrial-corruption their administration foisted on the 200 million-plus Nigerians is an Eighth Wonder. So vast was its scale, it is today a subject of international scrutiny. That should be a script for a Nollywood/Kannywood blockbuster all by itself.

“Most outrageously, the cases cited by Adokie as a reference point of corruption were cases that originated from an administration in which he himself was the man responsible for the administration of justice.

“The contract and incidental judgment in the Process & Industrial Developments (P&ID) were inherited by the Buhari administration. To his credit, President Buhari succeeded in staying its execution even when the previous administration that was responsible for the creation of the liability watched helplessly and exposed Nigeria to over $10bn dollars liability.

“Paris club saga that Adokie cited as an example of corrupt practices of the Buhari administration is not in any way different in origin and circumstances with the case of P&ID. It was rooted in administrations that predated that of President Muhammadu Buhari. Adoke was a product of the administration that planted the evil foundation and the judgments that resulted therefrom.

“The logical conclusion any reasonable person can make on P&ID, Paris Club and Ajaokuta is that President Buhari came on a rescue mission and effectively saved Nigeria from corrupt undertones that were planted to expose its economy to imminent collapse.

“The success of the Buhari administration in the direction of the fight against corruption is unprecedented. New legislations were introduced, major recoveries were made at home, stolen monies were repatriated from abroad, and they were judiciously deployed in infrastructure development.

“High profile convictions were recorded in unprecedented numbers, with enhanced percentages over and above the records in existence.

“Adoke also made some wild allegations in the aviation sector. The efforts of the Buhari administration in the aviation are known: They were visible in terms of capital infrastructure development, safety, and policy; they changed the face of the aviation sector into an attractive one for investment, resulting in new airlines coming on board. No major commercial airlines incident was recorded throughout this period.

“All Nigerians by right can say whatever they want of the Buhari administration. No one is offended by their actions, right or wrong. But when you come out with innuendos of corruption written all over your face and say that you want to moralise and pontificate, Nigerians in different walks of life will have problems with that.”