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Glory Omokaro Laments as First Bank Staff Steals 68 Million Naira from Her Account While She Was in Italy



A Nigerian woman, Glory Omokaro, who spent 13 years living in Italy, recently recounted her distressing encounter with a Nigerian bank. In 2005, Glory relocated to Italy, and it wasn’t until 2013 that she returned to Nigeria to establish a bank account. Astonishingly, Glory asserted that she had deposited N68 million into this account.

However, upon her return to Nigeria in May 2023, she was confronted with a devastating revelation – only N3,000 remained in her account.

A lady who lives in Italy saved N68 million in her Nigerian bank account, but she has lost the money.

In a TikTok video, the lady, Glory Omokaro, was said to have travelled to Italy in 2005. She worked hard and saved the money back home in Nigeria.

Glory opened the bank account when she first visited Nigeria from Italy in 2013, and that was when she started saving money.

She opened the account in Benin, Edo state, where she was visiting her family.

Glory saved money in the account until it reached N68 million, and she hoped to use it when she finally moved back to Nigeria.

Upon her return to Nigeria in May 2023, she only discovered N3000 in the bank account.

How N68m was moved from lady’s bank account.

In 2021, her ATM card expired, and she called the bank manager to help her renew it, but she was told she must be physically present.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Glory could not make it to Nigeria back then. When she returned in May 2023, only N3000 was left in the account.

She requested a bank statement, and it was discovered that money had been moved from the account in multiple tranches.

The story was told on Brekete Family Radio by Glory’s brother.