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‘God picked Tinubu, nobody can stop him’ – Ex-Women Affairs minister



Pauline Tallen, the former Minister of Women Affairs, expressed her belief that President Bola Tinubu was chosen by a divine hand to lead Nigeria. She shared these sentiments on Wednesday in response to the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal’s decision, which upheld Tinubu’s victory in the elections.

Tallen, who has also served as the Deputy Governor of Plateau State and held the position of State Minister for Science and Technology in the past, remarked, “The emergence of Tinubu as Nigeria’s President is a project ordained by God for the sake of our nation’s unity and stability.”

She went on to recall the challenges that accompanied Tinubu’s election campaign, including the contentious debate over the redesign of the national currency and a smear campaign against him. Despite these obstacles, he ultimately emerged victorious.

In her words, “This is a testament to the fact that true leadership is a divine design, and when God intends it, no force can thwart it.”

Tallen extended an appeal to the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, and the Labour Party’s Peter Obi, urging them to accept the court’s decision and collaborate with Tinubu to foster Nigeria’s progress. She pointed out that Tinubu had already extended an invitation to the opposition, showcasing his magnanimity and eagerness to work towards the development of Nigeria.

‘’Tinubu is imbued with a rare commitment to political inclusiveness, from his recent ministerial appointment it is obvious that they were not strictly for APC members,” she said.

“In any contest, there is bound to be a winner and a loser; it is okay that they challenged the election’s outcome in court, which is within their constitutional rights but Tinubu is now reconfirmed by the tribunal as president.

“In the interest of Nigeria, if we all love Nigeria and we all plan to serve and build this country to an enviable height, we should all join hands and build a nation of our collective dreams.

“They have their ideas but Tinubu also has his ideas. If we all put these ideas together on the table and work with him, I believe we will all be better off for it,” she said.

Tallen also urged those insinuating that the tribunal’s judgment was manipulated to jettison the idea and accept the court’s ruling as a victory for Nigeria’s constitutional democracy and the rule of law.

“Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, the opposition, especially, has the right to think the way they do but as I said earlier, for national interest and Nigeria’s unity, we should accept the court’s verdict,” she said.

Tallen described Tinubu as a detribalised Nigerian and exemplary leader, who had followers all over the country, and had paid his dues to deserve becoming Nigeria’s president.

She expressed confidence that Tinubu’s presidency would make positive impact on Nigeria in terms of economic and infrastructure development, notwithstanding the temporary economic hardships caused by fuel subsidy removal on the people.

“The prevailing pains can be likened to the pains of a woman in labour, everything ends as soon as she puts to birth, and immense joy follows suit.

“Looking at the antecedents of Tinubu as Lagos State Governor, I strongly believe that he is an exemplary leader and achiever, a good economist, who always works to succeed against all odds in any situation in which he finds himself.

“We know very well that he is a man that is self-made, who did not clamour for this office to enrich himself. He is not a hungry man, who came to enrich himself. I strongly believe that God will use him to make Nigeria better,’’ she said.

Tallen also expressed confidence that Tinubu would not only carry every part of the country along in his administration, but would also ensure that the 35 per cent affirmative action for women was implemented to the letter.

She said that although women did not get up to 35 per cent in Tinubu’s ministerial appointments, there were still many appointive positions underway for them as it must not be ministerial appointments alone.

“There are other appointments like ambassadorial, boards of MDAs and many more that are underway. The President is a man who cherishes women empowerment and is also a man of his own word, so I pray that he does not fail us,” she added.