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Goldman Sachs Launches Analyst Program for Engineering Students in Africa



Goldman Sachs has extended an invitation to university undergraduates from Africa to participate in its London-based analyst program. This opportunity falls under the Africa & Caribbean Recruiting Program, a strategic initiative aimed at providing students with immersive hands-on experience in the financial realm.

The program’s core objectives include facilitating industry exposure, fostering practical knowledge, and facilitating meaningful networking opportunities.

ThePressNG learns that the internship which is between eight to eleven weeks program is for undergraduates who will be graduating from a Bachelors’ or Masters’s degree program between January 2024 – June 2025. 

What will you gain as a participant? 

According to the program organizers, 

  • Participants will gain an extensive range of engineering career opportunities in the financial services industry. 
  • Gain tangible resume-enhancing skills and tips through interactive workshops. 
  • Work closely with a group of peers to grow your technical and soft skills 
  • Network with Goldman Sachs professionals and hear more about their experiences and diverse backgrounds 

Internship programs 

There are two types of internships which depend on the applicant’s circumstance: 

Summer Analyst Internship 

The summer analyst internship is intended for individuals who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s degree program.

Typically, this internship is completed during the second or second-to-last year of study.

The duration of the programs varies, lasting anywhere from eight to eleven weeks, depending on the region. 

Summer Associate Internship 

The summer associate internship is open to individuals who are presently pursuing an advanced degree such as an MBA, JD, MD, or LLM.

Typically, this internship occurs during the second or second-to-final year of study. Spanning over ten weeks, the program offers substantial responsibilities to provide students with a practical understanding of the tasks they would handle daily as full-fledged employees at Goldman Sachs. 

Role of analysts during the program 

The intern analysts will be involved in Engineering roles at Goldman Sachs such as Quantitative Strategists, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and Systems Engineering.  

Quantitative Strategists 

Here students will collaborate closely with bankers, traders, and portfolio managers to provide quantitative insights that drive business decisions related to complex financial and technical challenges.