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Gradual power supply restored nationwide, says TCN 



After a dramatic collapse of the national grid earlier this morning leading to a nationwide power outage, the Transmission Company of Nigeria has confirmed to ThePressNG that the grid is now coming back on gradually.  

According to the source, the national grid suffered a collapse earlier today largely due to the power generation station or GENCOS which dropped its production, leading to the frequency of the grid to increase rapidly.  

At around 1 am today, the grid experienced a collapse as a result of a fire incident in the Jebba power station, Niger state. 

Accordingly, Jebba power station, being a key player in the power supply chain, apparently affected the transmission of power supply across the country, notably the decline of electricity supply in places like Enugu, Imo, Aba, Lagos and Kano respectively.  

However, the source who manages TCN for Ikeja Electric revealed that there is now a gradual recovery of the grid across the country as the fire is contained.  

Earlier today, ThePressNG broke the news that the national power grid suffered a complete collapse, resulting in a total power outage in the country.  

Around 12:40 a.m. on September 14, 2023, reports surfaced regarding a total blackout in Nigeria as the national electricity grid suffered a complete breakdown, causing widespread power shortages for distributors throughout the country. 

An announcement titled ‘Total System Collapse’ was issued by the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Plc on Thursday. 

According to the notice, 

The notice was signed by the Head of Corporate Communications, EEDC, Emeka Ezeh  

Apart from the South East, other regions such as the South West and the North West also experienced a complete blackout due to the collapse of the National Grid.  

A reliable source has confirmed to ThePressNG that the reason behind the power outage is due to a breakout of fire in the Jebba power station, cascading into the breakdown of the electricity supply in the country.  

However, the source also revealed that the grid is gradually being restored as the fire is contained at the power station.  

His words, 

ThePressNG remains committed to keeping you informed about developments in this critical sector, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely as further updates emerge.