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‘I Will Embarrass You If You Collect Gov’t Money Without Stopping Crime In FCT’—Wike Threatens NSCDC Boss, Police CP



Wike said this in his first press briefing after his inauguration as a minister, noting that he will make the nation’s capital hot for thieves.

Wike who said he has enough experience in security matters having being the Chief Security Officer of the state when he was Governor of River State, boasted that he has what it takes to chase robbers out of Abuja.

He said, “The Commissioner of Police and your team must identify the places where we have hot spots where there are crimes. I have an experience that there are some of these boys, when you stop at Hilton by the traffic, they will do as if they are cleaning your windscreen, they are petty thieves. Even at night, they rob people. So, we will make it hot for them.

“Those who take the manhole, don’t see them as ordinary people who steal, see them as armed robbers. When you do that, people will run away. You must also have your strategy and what it will take. If I give you money, you have to work for me, if you chop my money, I will embarrass you.

“I will tell the world we gave you this amount of money. I don’t want to play with this assignment, I don’t want to fail Mr. President for having the confidence to give an opposition man a position here. He knows I will be very hard on people; it doesn’t matter who is involved. So, go and map out the areas and logistics so that we provide it.”

The report revealed some of the dangerous spots where hoodlums attack residents in Abuja at night and during the early hours of the day.