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Igbo Apprenticeship System Regulation Bill advances to second reading in Anambra 



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The Anambra State House of Assembly has successfully advanced a bill to its second reading, aiming to rejuvenate and establish a regulatory framework for the Igbo apprenticeship system, also known as ‘Igba Boi’. 

The “Anambra State Igbo Apprenticeship Bill 2024” was introduced by Mr. Ejike Okechukwu, the representative for Anaocha Constituency II. 

In his statement, Okechukwu said that regulation of the apprenticeship scheme would lead to profitability and a reduction in unemployment rates. 

He noted that during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the apprenticeship system was a significant source of employment in the South East, engaging many young people. 

He stated that this contributed to the South East having one of the largest markets in West Africa.  

More on Igbo Apprenticeship System 

The apprentice system among the Igbos, known as Igba-Odibo, Igba-Boi, Imu-Ahia, or Imu-Oru, consists of formal and informal contracts that help cultivate entrepreneurial spirit within the Igbo community.