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Indeed 2024 report indicates less than 20% of roles in January needed an educational qualification



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A recent Indeed report for 2024 highlights a trend where fewer job postings demand a four-year degree, evident in less than 20% of roles in January needing an educational qualification.

This recent report by Indeed, revealed that the necessity for a four-year degree in job postings is gradually diminishing in Indeed job sites.

Cory Stahle, an economist at Indeed Hiring Lab, spoke about this shift from educational credentials to skill-based hiring and its implications for job seekers and the employment landscape.

Stahle noted that this change is widespread, affecting various sectors, particularly those with historically stringent education requirements.

He observed a significant movement, with over 80% of the sectors analyzed showing a reduction in educational prerequisites in recent years.

ThePressNG learns that this trend indicates a broader strategy by employers to lower these barriers, aiming to draw a larger pool of candidates into the workforce.

Stahle elaborated on these findings, indicating that over half of the positions listed on Indeed no longer specify a college degree as a prerequisite.

This shift is part of a broader trend where the number of jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s degree decreased from over 20% a few years ago to about 17%.

Employers are increasingly valuing skills over formal education in their job postings, aiming to widen the applicant pool.

Stahle therefore emphasized the need for hiring practices to align with the evolving job listings, where skills are prioritized over formal education. This transition, while significant, faces challenges, including entrenched biases towards candidates with formal educational backgrounds.

Regarding the broader implications for the labour market, Stahle reflected on the recent job growth figures and the potential for continued resilience in the job market, which could influence the educational requirements trend.

This provides valuable insights into the changing landscape of job qualifications and the growing emphasis on skills in the hiring process.