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Kanye West made $19 million in 24hrs from Ad shot on Iphone for $0 



Kanye Wests Yeezus files for NFT

Kanye West, the iconic American rapper and entrepreneur, achieved an extraordinary financial milestone by reportedly amassing a record $19 billion within a single day. 

This success was attributed to an advertisement he posted on his iPhone with zero budget. West, who recently released the highly anticipated Vultures album in collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, took to social media to share the impressive results of his Yeezy brand’s merchandise sales. 

During the 2024 Super Bowl, Kanye debuted a distinctive Yeezy ad, a 25-second self-recorded video filmed on his mobile phone. The video showcased West, with his voice seemingly affected by newly fitted titanium dentures, encouraging viewers to visit while travelling in the backseat of a car.  

Kanye West’s unique approach, investing $7 million in a Super Bowl slot with a $0 production budget, challenges the traditional correlation between high expenditure and high quality. This unconventional strategy sheds light on the nuances of selecting an effective platform. 

This year’s Super Bowl marked a historic milestone, with an average broadcast reaching 123.4 million viewers across all platforms, making it the most-watched program ever, as reported by CBS Sports.

The significant seven per cent increase from the previous year underscores the event’s unparalleled reach, with CBS boasting the largest audience in history for a single network at 120.0 million viewers. 

Kanye West, once a Forbes billionaire, demonstrated a deep understanding of platform dynamics and viral marketing.

Despite the fallout in his Yeezy partnership with Adidas, the brand achieved remarkable sales, totalling $437 million for Yeezy shoes. Even post-separation, the brand continued to thrive, generating an additional $374 million. 

As he continues to make headlines for both his creative ventures and business acumen, the Yeezy brand solidifies its position in fashion and merchandise.