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Kenyan Economy Records Big Win as Fuel Prices Drop to Less Than 200 Kenyan Shillings Per Litre



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The Kenyan Economy experienced a huge lift when fuel prices recently dropped to less than Ksh200 per litre. This is the first time Petrol prices have dropped in the East African country since August.

This new development also marks the largest Month-on-month drop in Kenya with petrol prices falling by up to Ksh7 per litre. In Kenya Today, Super Petrol now costs less than Ksh200 per litre marking significant relief for consumers.

According to Business Insider Africa, Super Petrol will now retail for Ksh199.15, down by Ksh7.21, while diesel will now sell for Ksh190.38 a litre. The diesel price dropped by Ksh5.09.

Additionally, a litre of kerosene is set to fall by the least amount Ksh4.49, to sell for Ksh188.74, in the capital city.

Daniel Kiptoo, the Director General of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) confirmed the development via a notice on Thursday.

The new prices are to take effect from now to April 14th according to the latest pricing schedule and are intended to bring relief to Kenyan citizens amidst the rising cost of living.

The recent cuts in prices are projected to further reduce the country’s inflation levels which decreased from 6.9% in January to 6.3% last month.

Last month, the Kenyan Shilling experienced its most significant gain in 12 years which boosted the currency to its strongest levels since November 2023.