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Lagos signs MoU with Niger state on food production and supply



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The Governors of Lagos and Niger state have endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Lagos, initiating a collaboration aimed at leveraging their unique advantages.

This partnership is intended to ensure a steady flow of agricultural products to consumers.

This agreement, known as the “Produce for Lagos Initiative,” is an effort by both states to participate in the Emergency Food Security Initiative, planning to cultivate thousands of hectares to maintain a consistent food production and supply chain.

The MoU represents a strategic long-term collaboration between the two states, focusing on their respective strengths. Lagos serves as a significant, organised food market for consumers, whereas Niger boasts extensive arable land suited for agriculture and food production.

Following the agreement, there will be a significant supply of fresh farm produce to the Lagos Food Logistics hubs, ensuring efficient storage and distribution.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos and Governor Mallam Umar Mohammed Bago of Niger State formalized the MoU, marking a significant step in this collaborative effort.

On his part, the Niger state Governor, Umar Bago described the deal as a landmark for both states that leverages on the comparative advantages in both states.

The Lagos state government had engaged in similar partnership between it and Kebbi state in the past on rice production which did not meet its objectives. In 2016, Gov. Ambode of Lagos signed an MoU with his Kebbi state counterpart, Atiku Bagudu to supply rice and other agricultural commodities to the state for processing and consumption.