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Lagos state Ministry of Agriculture invites applicants for its Agripreneurship Programme



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Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture is inviting applicants for its Lagos Agripreneurship Programme (L.A.P). 

The programme is a social intervention initiative designed to introduce young people to agriculture through training in modern agricultural techniques, to foster job creation and wealth generation. 

This initiative addresses common challenges faced by youth in agriculture, such as lack of financing, land, markets, and training. 

The aim is to recognize agriculture’s significant role in many economies and to implement inclusive strategies to involve the youths in food production, especially given the ageing population of food producers. 

Lagos State has therefore taken proactive steps in this direction, launching this program to encourage youth participation in agriculture through the Ministry of Agriculture. 

The Lagos Agripreneurship Programme (L.A.P.), was established in 2020 and is set to train 15,000 young people over the next five years in poultry, aquaculture, vegetable, and piggery value chains. 

The training duration is for a one-month course in poultry, aquaculture, vegetable value chains, E-Agric, and agribusiness at the Lagos State Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), Araga, Epe. 

Upon completion of the training, participants will undergo a three-month internship and mentorship phase in their chosen value chains as part of L.A.P. 

Unemployed women and youth passionate about agriculture must meet the following criteria: