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The family of jiboro has called on the Federal government, the state government, Ikorodu Local gorvernment chairman , the state police department and the people of Nigeria to come to there aid in a case that they described as land grabbing.

The plea was made by the head of the family Alhaji Tajudeen Ojifini, Who alleged that the land grabber in person of one Lamino Kamoru aka Sir K Oluwo who he alleged was a popular land grabber in the ikorodu axis and his cohorts Mukiala also known “actor” and one Princess Josephine Momoh whom he described as land grabbers.

Tajudeen said that the people whom he described as hooligans and land grabbers has been laying claims to the land which he said belong to their grandfather and was passed down to their father and later to them.

He said sir K was never a member of the family but was laying claims to 8 plots of their land while threatening their lives with hired killers and has not allowed them to rest.

Jiboro head of family said that they wrote a petition to force headquarters on the matter in Abuja where they met with CP Sanusi in charge of SWAT who promise to wade into the matter.

They later took the matter to Zone 2 Commander DIG Abiodun Alabi, who also promised to look into the matter. But up till now nothing has been done.

According the secretary of the Jiboro descendants who corroborated the story, said that on Wednesday 13 September 2023 that Sir K Olowu sent thugs wielding dangerous weapons to the land which has been converted to a market place dispersing the people and injuring them in the process.

That on that Faithfull day being the market when people of ikorodu and its environs enjoying their buy and selling . Suddenly, Kamoru Lamina a notorious land grabber , Princess Josephine Momoh , Mukaila a.k.a Actor and Lagos Commissioner of police Anti Cultism squard lead by CSP Godfrey forcefully and criminally invaded sabo market and started shooting in which everybody have to run for safety.

The secretary further said that Princess Josephine Momoh used to be the family Agent who was given the deed of assignments with an agreement of 30% to 70 % and these as been settled long time ago.
Later on she now went ahead and collaborate with Sir K to sell the land behind the family.

Perhaps , the matter was raised in the presence of the DIG Abiodun Alabi and she vehemently and publicly denied ever selling the land in question, but the family authoritatively alleged that she has sold part of the land worth of 384 million naira.

On Wednesday 13 September Josephine Momoh was the one who led the thugs that dispersed and injured people on the land that is now used has a market place . She was the same person that went to the police station to lie to the police authorities that the Jiboro family shot and brought thugs to the market. On getting to the police station we were told to go to Ikorodu general hospital where the doctor confirmed that the person brought doesn’t have any gunshots wound contrary to what Josephine accused the family of.

The secretary state that the matter is already before the court, that Josephine did not appear before the court the first time which was on the 23rd of June 2023 and she has been directing people that bought land from her to go to the Jiboro family.

The matter has been adjourned till October 3 2023.

Speaking further on the issue, the baale of jiboro, Chief Ishola Abayomi has also denied ever having anything whatsoever to do with Sir K Olowu, that they only have 30% from the proceed of the land, which as stated before that Josephine doesn’t have any right to sell.

The baale and the entire members of the Jiboro is also calling on the right authorities , Nigeria president, the governor of Lagos State Babatunde Sanwo Olu, the police force and the entire people of Nigeria to come to their rescue and save them from the tyranny of Sir K Oluwo and Josephine Momoh.

Adding that one of the cohorts mentioned before one Mukiala aka Actor’ has been threatening to kill the family one after the other if they don’t relinquish the land to them.