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LASG clarifies Uber sanction and e-hailing data-sharing agreement



The Lagos State Government has issued a clarification regarding the recently established data-sharing agreement with e-hailing services operating within the state.

This clarification comes in response to misinformation that arose following the government’s announcement of its intention to sanction Uber for alleged non-compliance with the initiative

In a statement released on Sunday, the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, highlighted that all e-hailing platforms operating in the state, except Uber, independently signed the data-sharing agreement with the government, aimed at enhancing the security and safety of e-hailing services in the state.

Osiyemi highlighted that the API integration in the data-sharing agreement aims to establish a reliable platform for verifying drivers and passengers, ensuring compliance with background checks, vehicle inspections, and licensing requirements for e-hailing services.