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LASG to establish Road Safety Unit for improved transport safety in Lagos



The Lagos State Government is set to establish a Road Safety Unit within its Ministry of Transportation to enhance transport safety across the state.

This initiative is part of the state government’s comprehensive plan to prioritize road safety over the next two years.

Outlined in Section 4.3 of the newly unveiled Lagos State Transport Policy, this initiative highlights the government’s dedication to road safety.

The formation of the Road Safety Unit is a key element of Lagos State’s commitment to fulfilling its obligations under the United Nations’ Second Decade of Action for Road Safety and Nigeria’s National Road Safety Strategy, both of which aim for a future with zero road crash fatalities.

The policy further reveals that, in line with the planned establishment of the Road Safety Unit within the next two years, the Lagos State Government will also develop a comprehensive road safety action plan for the state.

Additionally, a training plan for the Unit’s staff will be implemented within the same period to ensure the optimal discharge of the Road Safety Unit’s responsibilities when eventually established.

Providing further details about the proposed Road Safety Unit, the Lagos State Transport Policy outlines that the Unit will ensure the new transport database established by the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation pays particular attention to the definition, collection, analysis, and reporting of road safety data.

This focus will help clearly determine the achievements in fulfilling these obligations.

Moreover, the policy specifies that for the Road Safety Unit to effectively achieve road safety in Lagos, it will adhere to international best practices. These practices encompass five pillars: road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users, and post-crash responses.

The policy also notes that these international best practices are detailed in sections covering road infrastructure, traffic management, vehicle maintenance, security, and safety. These guidelines will direct the operations of the Road Safety Unit once it is established within the next two years.