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Manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment sector received major real estate investments – Jamila Faniyi



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The Managing Director of M & E Kaiser Limited, Jamila Faniyi  said that the manufacturing sector, healthcare and entertainment have received major investments in their real estate. 

Speaking at the just concluded ThePressNG March Outlook event themed “How to Succeed in Nigeria’s Real Estate in 2024 – Challenges and Opportunities in a High-Cost Environment,” on Saturday, March 9, 2024-She said “Manufacturing, healthcare and entertainment centers are notable areas having increased investments in real estate”. 

She also drew attention to the newly commissioned 12,000 capacity sports and entertainment arena by Lagos State government. 

Faniyi expressed concerns about the rising exchange rates, suggesting that interventions by the central bank may temporarily halt unwanted increases. 

 However, the effectiveness of these measures remains uncertain. The speaker emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to address economic challenges and highlighted opportunities in the real estate industry, where strategic investments and long-term planning could contribute to economic growth. 

In response to a question about opportunities in the real estate industry, she acknowledged that despite challenges such as rising input costs, there are still opportunities for economic growth,   

Both experts agreed that the real estate sector plays a crucial role in economic development, and investors need to approach it strategically.