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Middlechase Property Ltd. Scam Leaves Son Heartbroken as Mother Dies Waiting for N16.5m Promised Home



A man named Anthony, who works as a researcher and resides in the United Kingdom, has made serious allegations against Middlechase Property Limited. He claims that the real estate company has been uncooperative in refunding his money after they failed to provide the property he had paid for.

Anthony, who prefers to disclose only his first name, shared with ThePressNG that he had paid a total of N16.5 million in several installments spanning from March 31 to September 14, 2022. This payment was intended for a one-bedroom apartment located within Fairfield Apartments in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. He had planned to gift this apartment to his mother but regrettably, she passed away in February 2023 before he could do so.

According to Anthony, Middlechase Property had assured him, at the time of payment, that the apartment would be completed and ready for occupancy by December 2022. However, as of August 2023, the apartment is still far from being finished.

Anthony also accused Middlechase of obtaining money from other individuals in similar fashion and failing to release the property they paid for while making excuses.

Advertisement poster showing the one-bedroom apartment offer.
Request for a refund

“It seems like the company is unwilling to give people their houses. From the outside the houses seem to be almost ready, but this not the situation,” Anthony told ThePressNG.

The researcher said he was deceived into believing Middlechase Property Ltd was credible because he found three buildings owned by the firm when he was researching about the company.

He also told ThePressNG the real estate firm told him the building which caught his fancy was no longer available after he made a first deposit of N5 million.

“They showed me a flat via a video which they told me was available. Immediately after I made an initial payment of N5 million, Middlechase Property told me the flat was gone and there would be a new development which would start in a month,” he said.

Middlechase’s response to Anthony

“They presented me with images of the new construction site. According to their engineer’s assurances, the building was supposed to be ready before December. However, as we enter the new year, there’s been no progress whatsoever.

I made the decision to request a refund because the foundation of the building they showcased last year remains unchanged. Numerous complaints have been voiced, and it seems they’re merely collecting funds without any intention of delivering on their promise of providing habitable properties.

In March, ThePressNG contacted the company to inquire about the delay in refunding my money. The company responded by committing to a refund plan that involves six installments, scheduled to commence on June 30 and conclude by December 2023.”

In an email sent to Anthony on March 16, Middlechase’s customer service said that the refund policy of the company was such that refund was subject to a 30 percent deduction of the sum paid.

Anthony’s last email to Middlechase

“However, due to the peculiarity of this transaction refund will commence from 4 months after the initial request is made. Hence, the complete payment of N11,550, 000 will be repaid in 6 monthly installments,” the email reads in part.

Although Anthony disagreed with the 30 percent deduction because he fully paid for the flat, he expected the refund. It never came.

“At the end of June, I did not receive my refund. July and August, the same thing happened. I am tired of the runaround, I need my money back,” he said.

When ThePressNG contacted Middlechase for comments on the matter, the respondent said Anthony’s stance on a refund or whether he was open for another option of settlement was not exactly clear although Anthony denied this.

This reporter also asked why the building Anthony paid for was not ready almost a year after payment but the respondent said Anthony agreed he would get the keys to his flat in December. Anthony said this claim was wide off the mark.

The Middlechase respondent also said that Anthony’s wife visited their office in Lagos to ask for other plans instead of a refund but Anthony said this was untrue because she only went for an inspection.