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Minimum Wage: No worker can survive in Nigeria with less than N100,000 monthly – House of Reps




The House of Representatives has raised alarms over the insufficient minimum wage for workers in the nation, stating that a monthly salary below N100,000 is not livable for any worker in the country.

Rep. Aliyu Madaki of NNPP-Kano State pointed out on Wednesday that the soaring inflation rates in the nation have rendered basic necessities like food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, transportation, and clothing unaffordable for the average Nigerian.

According to him, Nigeria is a participant in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He referenced Article 23 of the declaration, which stipulates that every employed person is entitled to a fair and beneficial salary, guaranteeing that they and their families can live with dignity.

Workers have had to contend with rising prices of goods and services since the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, with the attendant inflation and escalating cost of living eaten deep into their pockets and rendering their monthly wages inadequate to meet their basic needs.