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Minister Betta Edu Unveils Plan to Create Humanitarian Hubs in All LGAs for Affordable Food Distribution



Dr. Betta Edu, who serves as the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, recently revealed a comprehensive plan from her Ministry. This strategy revolves around establishing humanitarian centers in each of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas.

She underscored the importance of these humanitarian hubs, highlighting that they are part of a sustained effort to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

From what we’ve gathered at ThePressNG, these hubs will play a crucial role in making locally produced goods available to the Nigerian populace at reasonable prices, thereby benefiting the general population.

Digital tracking of palliatives

The Minister announced that her Ministry will dispatch its personnel to all 774 local government areas for feedback collection.

Additionally, they will employ digital tracking methods to monitor the distribution of palliatives, recording details like delivery time, location, households, and individuals receiving them.

In a bid to ensure transparency and efficiency in palliative distribution, Dr. Edu also revealed intentions to enlist Independent Monitors who will oversee the process, guaranteeing that relief materials reach those most in need.

Dr. Edu, emphasized that the Ministry was committed to curtailing the humanitarian crisis in Nigeria, as a prompt response to such crisis will henceforth be on the front burner of the Ministry’s agenda.

She said,

  • “Under my watch, the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry will address poverty through Job creation, Cash Transfer to poor Nigerians, engagement with the Nutrition Department, the establishment of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise and provision of stimulus to their Business”.

On Empowerment Schemes of the Ministry, the Minister said,

  • Nigerians should rest assured that all existing empowerments within the National Investment Programme will be rejigged, made more effective to cover more Nigerians”
  • According to her, “The President has huge Economic plans for Nigeria; some are short-term goals which the Ministry will soon Implement and some are long-term goals. Nigerians should trust the process”.