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NASRDA aborts plan to launch satellite in 2025 over lack of fund 



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The Director-General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Dr Halilu Shaba, has said that the agency’s plan to launch a satellite from Nigeria in 2025 is no longer feasible. 

Shaba said this at the NASRDA Day presentation at the ongoing 8th Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Expo, with the theme “STI: Solutions to National Economic Challenges’’ in Abuja. 

According to him, while launching of satellite is capital intensive, the agency is not financially ready, but it is developing the needed capacity.

Presenting a paper titled ‘New Space: Aligning with the Renewed Hope Agenda’ the NASRDA DG said: 

According to him, the agency already has the design of a desired satellite and with the improvement of budgetary allocations, it can build and launch a satellite from Nigeria shortly. 

On the need to review the roadmap expected to have its benchmark in 2025, the director-general said that the agency constantly updates it according to current realities, which include exchange rates. 

The DG noted that Nigeria still has an operational satellite, NigeriaSat-2 in orbit and still providing imagery for the country, Africa and countries across the globe. 

The director-general said other achievements of the agency included developing a rocketry programme in collaboration with the Military, geo-visualisation of terrorists’ activities in the North East and crime mapping. 

He added that space science and technology require precision because its development takes time and Nigerians will eventually reap the benefits of satellite technology. 

Space technology was initiated in Nigeria for socio-economic development. According to the agency’s 25-year roadmap of the agency, part of its targets was to launch a Nigerian Astronaut in space and an indigenous satellite from Nigerian soil by 2025.