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National Challenges: Stakeholders unite in forceful call for regionalism revival



At a book launch held in Ibadan, Oyo State, Dr. Victor Taiwo, National Chairman and Convener of the New Nigeria Movement, along with other stakeholders, reiterated the urgent need for regionalism as a solution to Nigeria’s current economic and security crises.

Dr. Taiwo emphasized that Nigeria is facing significant challenges across its governance institutions, resulting in widespread hunger, insecurity, and capital flight.

He argued that regionalism, previously effective during the country’s early years with notable leaders like Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Ahmadu Bello, offers a viable path forward.

“Nigeria was once thriving under a competitive regional system that spurred development and progress,” Dr. Taiwo stated.

“Today, amidst our crises, restructuring back to regionalism or true federalism is the only practical solution.”

He highlighted the importance of his books in conveying these truths about Nigeria’s current state, noting that past leaders ignored necessary reforms. “Writing has always been my means to communicate important messages,” Dr. Taiwo affirmed.

Supporting the call for regionalism, Honorable Justice Owoade (rtd.) clarified that it is not a call for secession but a strategic restructuring aimed at strengthening Nigeria.

“Restructuring will correct the imbalance in our national structure,” he explained.

“It is a sensible step towards true federalism where regions contribute meaningfully to national development.”

Echoing these sentiments, Chief Taye Ayorinde, Baale of Ekotedo and Chairman of the Yoruba World Assembly, emphasized the need for decisive leadership.

“Nigeria requires bold leadership to navigate back on the right path,” he asserted.

The stakeholders agreed that regionalism offers a framework to address Nigeria’s challenges effectively, urging collective action to achieve a more balanced and prosperous nation.

The event underscored a unified call across diverse sectors for systemic reforms through regionalism, aiming to restore Nigeria’s trajectory towards greatness.