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NDDC to Build Industrial Parks in 9 States



As part of its ongoing objective to transition away from an oil-dependent region into a more diversified economy, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) aims to establish at least one industrial park each in its nine states.

The Commission’s strategy involves teaming up with other relevant agencies to create industrial parks in all nine Niger Delta states, with the goal of reducing production cost.

In Nigeria, the Niger Delta is known for its high production costs, which, unfortunately, deter productivity and promote a culture of consumption in the region.

The NDDC aims to reverse the situation and reduce costs by establishing industrial parks in each state within its catchment areas.

This endeavor will be accomplished through collaboration with the Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone Authority (OGFTZA).

Samuel Ogbuku, the Managing Director of NDDC, expressed this commitment during a courtesy visit by a delegation from OGFTZA, headed by Managing Director Tijani Kaura, at the Commission’s Port Harcourt headquarters.

Ogbuku pointed out that industrial parks, given their multiplier effects, occupy a pivotal position within the value chain of sustainable development.

He said,

Speaking further, he observed that working with different organisations for development purposes had been very successful, noting:

According to him,

Continuing, Ogboku made a noteworthy statement, emphasizing that the Commission has set its sights on a future that extends far beyond the traditional reliance on oil and gas resources.

This declaration signalled a pivotal shift in the Commission’s strategic outlook, highlighting a clear intention to diversify the region’s economy and explore alternative avenues for sustainable development.

He said,

On their part, Kaura, the Managing Director of OGFTZA, emphasized the strategic roles of both NDDC and OGFTZA in promoting sustainable development in the Niger Delta region, underscoring the importance of their collaboration.

He specifically highlighted the need for joint efforts in establishing industrial parks.

He remarked that industrial parks would accelerate development in the Niger Delta region.

He said,