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Niger coup: Macron rejects Junta’s ultimatum, vows to keep Ambassador in place



In a notable speech about foreign policy, Emmanuel Macron spoke to a group of ambassadors in Paris. He stated that Sylvain Itte, the French representative assigned to Niamey, which is the capital of Niger, is currently staying there. This is noteworthy because despite being told by the Nigerien military government to leave the country within 48 hours the previous Friday, Sylvain Itte has remained in his position.

  • “In recent months, France and its diplomatic corps have navigated through challenging scenarios in certain nations. From Sudan, where France’s conduct has been exemplary, to the ongoing situation in Niger, I extend my appreciation to your colleague and others who are tuned in from their respective stations.
  • “Our policy remains unwavering: we do not acknowledge the individuals behind the coup,” Macron affirmed.

Macron emphasized that France’s stance regarding the condemnation of the coup and its support for Bazoum remains unchanged. He underscored Bazoum’s democratic election and praised his resolute refusal to step down as a display of courage.


Following the overthrow of Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum on July 26, he and his family have been held in custody at the presidential palace. The coup has garnered disapproval from France and a majority of Niger’s neighbouring countries.

Last Friday, Niger’s foreign ministry declared that French ambassador Itte was required to leave within 48 hours, citing his refusal to engage with the new governing body and pointing to actions by the French government that were deemed “detrimental to Niger’s interests.”