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Niger governor appoints 131 women as special advisers, coordinators



Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago of Niger State has given his official endorsement to the selection of 131 women to assume diverse roles within the state’s political landscape.

As communicated by Bologi Ibrahim, the governor’s spokesperson, through a statement issued on Saturday, August 19, the appointees encompass 41 individuals who will undertake coordinating responsibilities, alongside an additional 90 individuals designated as Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) within Bago’s governance framework.

In extending his felicitations to the newly appointed women, the governor encouraged them to exhibit unwavering dedication and actively participate in advancing the progress of Niger State, aligning with the overarching policy goals of his administration.

Bago underscored that these appointments stand as a tangible realization of his campaign commitment, signifying his resolve to provide women with a platform to contribute effectively to the advancement of the state’s development endeavors.