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Nigeria secures $14 billion investment from 4 Indian companies after Tinubu meeting



Four major Indian conglomerates, which include Indorama Petrochemical Limited and Jindal Steel and Power Limited, have committed to injecting a substantial $14 billion into Nigeria.

This momentous announcement came during the Nigeria-India presidential roundtable and conference, as conveyed in a statement by Ajuri Ngelale, spokesperson for President Bola Tinubu.

President Tinubu expressed his appreciation for these Indian companies, assuring them that their investments in Nigeria would be exceptionally rewarding.

In the statement, Tinubu lauded the firms for choosing to invest in a nation that offers unparalleled returns on investment, emphasizing that there is no other place quite like Nigeria. He urged the investors to cast aside any apprehensions and conveyed his confidence in his leadership team’s ability to facilitate widespread prosperity through investments and infrastructure development.

“Don’t delay, and don’t be hesitant about investing in Nigeria. Bring forth your projects, ask your questions, and make your requests. The opportunities for trade and investment here are boundless. I lead a team, and I am the captain of that team, and I guarantee you that we excel at problem-solving,” Tinubu was quoted as saying in the statement.