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Nigerian airlines operating in challenging environment – NCAA



Captain Musa Nuhu, the Director General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), has highlighted the hurdles faced by Nigerian airlines in turning a profit.

These challenges stem from the demanding operational environment, marked by tough access to funding. 

Speaking to reporters in Abuja over the weekend, Nuhu stressed the collaborative efforts of his agency and the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development in aiding airlines.

He noted that some of these airlines are currently grappling with financial distress. 

He said,  

However, the NCAA boss debunked claims in some quarters that the Ministry of Aviation was interfering in its affairs in a way that erodes its regulatory autonomy. 

Speaking further, Nuhu stated that Nigerian airlines pay high insurance premiums compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world. 

According to him, these expenses are severely affecting their operating funds. In response, the regulatory agency is assisting them by allowing modifications to insurance payment schedules, ensuring their survival. 

Addressing allegations of Ministry of Aviation influence, Nuhu affirmed that the NCAA remains autonomous, making essential safety decisions to uphold Nigeria’s airspace integrity. 

He insisted that the NCAA is a government agency that implements policies of the government. 

He said: